Garbage Doctor® Si-Zone 5000

Garbage Odour Control System with Advanced Germicidal Protection

The Garbage Doctor® Si-Zone® 5000 is the industry flagship for quality and performance in removing garbage odours and providing additional germicidal control for occupied areas (such as bin rooms). As the successor to the best-selling Garbage Doctor® Platinum, our latest model includes all the features that made the Platinum so popular, together with an extensive list of upgrades and enhancements. The new Si-zone® 5000 features our most powerful dual air purification system yet -with an 80% increase in the Germicidal UV intensity and many times the Ozone production capability, if required.

The performance and engineering is truly second to none. The Garbage Doctor® Si-Zone® 5000 can be configured for deodorising and control of pathogens and viruses in; garbage chutes, garbage rooms and garbage compactors – but excels in garbage chute and bin room installations, where the second (Ozone-free) air steriliser can provide greater treatment than is possible with the use of a Ozone/Germicidal UVC purifier alone.

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Garbage Doctor® Si-Zone® 5000 Benefits

tick-buttonAir Purifier #1: Separated Germicidal UV chamber combined with Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) technologyMade in Australia
tick-buttonAir Purifier #2: Industrial grade Si-Zone® high output Ultraviolet Ozone Generator
tick-buttonDual air purifiers allows for greater treatment of air than is possible using Ozone alone - while remaining within WH&S parameters
tick-buttonSuper-sized activated carbon particle filter
tick-buttonLaser cut stainless steel construction (304 grade)
tick-button4 Year on-site warranty when purchased
tick-buttonIndefinite warranty when leased
tick-buttonElectrical test and tagging is included in all services; to ensure ongoing compliance with state legislation and the AS/NZS 3760 Standard.
tick-buttonAssists with meeting duty of care requirements for the owners committee/body corporate.

Garbage Doctor® Si-Zone® 5000 – How Does it Work?

Garbage-Doctor-Sizone-5000-How-WorksAir Purifier #1
Air within your garbage room is continually circulated through the Garbage Doctor® Si-Zone 5000's upper sterilisation chamber, where it is treated by two very powerful germicidal and deodorisation technologies;

1) Germicidal UV Light; is a highly effective air steriliser that is deadly to forms of life at the micro-organic level, which includes most airborne pathogens (bacteria), viruses and mould spores.

2) Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO); is one of the safest air purification methods for human occupied areas. Originally developed by NASA this technology is used on the international space station, and world-wide by hospitals, governments and in households. The PCO process has been proven as highly effective in breaking down; garbage odours, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), bacteria, viruses, fungi, mould spores and other airborne micro-organisms.
Air Purifier #2
Designed for harsh garbage environments, the Si-Zone® generator disperses ultra-clean Ozone into targeted areas close to the garbage odour and pathogen source (this is usually the garbage chute and bin/compactor).

The Ozone then travels through your garbage system providing further odour and germicidal control by oxidation (not by masking odours).

Installation Examples for Garbage Odour Control in Chutes and Bin Rooms

Garbage Doctor® Si-Zone® 5000 Specifications

Number of Separate Internal Air Purifiers2
(Individual chambers: with Ozone lamps separate from second purifier)
Number of Air Purification Technologies3
VUV Ozone, UVC Germicidal Light, Photo Catalytic Oxidation, + Carbon Filter
Rated Operation Time24 Hours continuous
UV Ozone Generator
(With adjustable control)
Yes (Si-Zone®)
Germicidal UVC Yes
(In separate air purifier)
Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO)Yes
(In separate air purifier)
Nitric Acid Free?
(Nitric acid is corrosive to steel garbage chutes)
Operating NoiseVery quiet
Pre Filtration MethodActivated Carbon Particle Filter
Airflow MethodHigh Flow 31mm silicone hose (food grade) or PVC piping.
Construction Material304 Grade Stainless Steel (Precision Laser Cut)
Dimensions (mm)760 (H) x 560 (W) x 150 (D)
Power Consumption70W - 160W
Operating Voltage230V 50HZ
Warranty Period
(All our equipment includes an on-site warranty)
48 Months when purchased
Indefinite period when leased
Ozone Monitoring SystemOptional
Programmable TimerOptional
Remote Entry AccessOptional
ApplicationsGarbage Odour Control (Garbage Rooms, Garbage Chutes, Garbage Compactors), Grease Trap Odour Control, Loading Dock Odour Control, other Commercial Odour Control Requiring Robust Equipment for 24/7 Operation.