Grease Trap Odour Control Systems

Deodorising grease traps can be done very effectively with the Garbage Doctor® systems. Because grease traps differ so greatly in size and design, our recommended equipment will depend on the type of grease trap you have, whether it is above or below ground, and a number of other external variables.

A typical installation would involve us wall-mounting the Garbage Doctor® odour control system as close as possible to the trap, and then piping the Ozone (deodorising agent) into either the grease trap itself, or dispersing the Ozone evenly into the area surrounding the grease trap. The end result we are wanting to achieve, is oxidation (removal) of the grease odours as close as possible to the source, before those grease trap odours have a chance to spread into a wider area.

If you would like more information about our grease trap odour control systems, please contact our team on 1300-ODOURS (1300 636 877) and we would be happy to organise an obligation-free site visit to discuss the odour removal options available to you.

Our odour control systems for grease traps are available in affordable purchase and lease options in; Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and Auckland.

Deodorising Grease Traps – Installation Examples


Our grease trap odour removal systems are available in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.