Loading Dock Odour Control Systems

DSC_0350(2) Loading Dock Odour Removal   Loading Dock Odour Removal   Loading Dock Odour Removal   Loading Dock Odour Removal
Loading dock odours can be a great source frustration for apartments buildings, shopping centres, and commercial developments – especially if grease traps, open rubbish bins or garbage compactors are involved.

Removing loading dock odours is one of the more difficult tasks we are asked to achieve, because each dock is different and by nature they are large open spaces – often with garbage bins or a compactor which is not necessarily near a wall or power supply.

For these reasons, the equipment installation and configuration is most important. It is vital to target the Ozone (deodorising and germicidal agent) as close as possible to the original source of the loading dock odours. This can be achieved by running either a silicone hose or PVC pipe from where the equipment is mounted on the wall, to those odour areas. The following Garbage Doctor® models are best suited for loading dock odour control, because they offer high airflow with good pressure, which enables the Ozone to be efficiently distributed over greater distances:

Our odour control systems for loading docks are available in affordable purchase and lease options in; Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and Auckland.

For more information on deodorising/odour removal systems for your loading dock, please contact our team on 1300-ODOURS (1300 636 877)