Insect Control for Garbage Rooms (Flies/Fruit Flies)

Flies and fruit flies can be particularly problematic in some garbage bin rooms, while others seem to have no issues at all.

If you have frequent issues, the most direct solution is to install an ultraviolet fly trap, such as the one pictured here. We have these available for rental with our commercial odour control systems, but they can also be found online or at your local hardware store. 

For most bin rooms we recommend a commercial solution with a UV lamp of at least 20W or higher, installed near the source of rubbish. Stay away from ‘decorative’ features – a garbage room is a a relatively hostile environment, and you need something that is ‘all business’ without the other features which may be beneficial for residential or food preparation applications.

Although they are not an insecticide, our Garbage Doctor® equipment can also assist – by helping to improve overall hygiene in your bin room. This equipment runs 24/7/365 to control odours and germs, with the option to pleasantly fragrance the area also.

Example of Ultraviolet Fly Trap

Selecting a Fly Trap for your Garbage Room

When selecting your fly trap, it is important to get the right kind of product for waste management applications. 

Generally speaking, there are two methods of capturing flying insects – either by zapping them with an electric grid, or using a ‘Glueboard’.

For commercial garbage rooms, we recommend using electric-grid style bug zappers, and avoiding the Glueboard Fly Killers, here’s why:

  • Electric-grid style fly traps have the benefit of not requiring one side of the device to be taken up by the Glueboard. This means they can be suspended from the ceiling (a chain is generally included with the equipment), giving full 360 light and dramatically increasing their effectiveness per wattage – the more UV light that is emitted, the more likely flies and fruit flies are to be attracted.

  • Electric fly traps are generally ‘self-cleaning’ and do not lose any of their effectiveness over time as a Glueboard will. The only maintenance (other than lamp replacement) is emptying the catch-container, which generally will last many months in most garbage rooms.

  • Glueboards are great for kitchen and food preparation areas, but in a garbage room the Glueboads will fill up with insects very quickly, which continually reduces their effectiveness. We have entered many bin rooms where a Glueboard UV flytrap has been installed, and almost always the Glueboard changes have been neglected or are so infrequent that the device is relatively ineffective.

Suppliers of Fly Traps / Insect Control Systems

We can supply fly/insect traps for your bin room as part of a Garbage Doctor® package, which would also include maintenance such as regular test & tagging, lamp replacements etc. However if you would prefer to purchase one out-right, we can suggest a couple of options below:

Insect-o-matic is a UK made product, with a wide range of insect control solutions, including electric fly traps. In particular we have used and can recommend their SE22 and SE44 products.

Bunnings Warehouse have a range of fly traps also. We have seen their 40W Commercial range of bug zappers installed in some garbage rooms, and they seem to have pretty good success, especially considering the relatively low price.

Are you also experiencing odours in your garbage room?

Featured Solution #1

Neutral smelling garbage room

Germicidal and odour control using Ozone / Germicidal UV-C & Activated Carbon.  Ozone is targeted at your rubbish bins or garbage compactor/carousel  to neutralise odours at their originating source.

Featured Solution #2

Scented garbage room

Germicidal and odour control using Scent, Ozone / Germicidal UV-C & Activated Carbon.  Ozone is targeted at your rubbish bins or garbage compactor to neutralise odours at their source. Scenting broadly applied to garbage room or into the garbage chute.

The Garbage Doctor® products are proudly designed and built in Australia.