Using Scented Vapour for Garbage Odour Control

For most buildings, odour neutralisation with germicidal control is the minimum acceptable standard for their waste management system. By far, the most effective way to deodorise garbage environments (chutes, bin storage rooms, compactors) is to use an Ozone based system, such as those found in our Garbage Doctor® range.

There is no question however that introducing a pleasant fragrance into the treated area (after neutralising the odours), delivers fantastic results. 

We are constantly receiving feedback from building managers who tell us their residents are loving the scented garbage chute or bin room. We also have scenting options available for hotel lobby’s, conference rooms, etc – with multiple scents to choose from.

How does the scenting work?

Scent mixed with the smell of rubbish is not particularly pleasant! Once the odours have been neutralised (using ozone), a scented vapour is typically introduced into the treatment areas – see the installation example at the bottom of this page.

The scenting system itself will consist of a control system, which enables the intensity of the scent to be adjusted, and a scent tank – where the liquid fragrance is stored ready to be vaporised. 

The scented vapour can be easily dispersed into the required area via a tube from the tank. The Garbage Doctor® systems are designed and built here in Australia – creating an extremely fine vapour which remains airborne for a longer period, enabling the scent to spread efficiently through a large target area.

We only use and recommend Australian manufactured fragrances with the Garbage Doctor®, to ensure compliance with our strict air quality standards.

Garbage Doctor® Scenting is used to scent public spaces, or as an add-on to you existing odour control.

Garbage Doctor® Duo combines both odour control and scenting into a single system.

EXAMPLE: Using the Garbage Doctor® Duo for odour control and scenting

The Garbage Doctor® Duo  (‘A’) is made from stainless steel and is mounted on the wall of the bin room. This cabinet houses the Ozone/Germicidal UV-C/Carbon filtration equipment, and also the scenting control system which is connected to the Scent Tank (‘B‘). 

Ozone (Targeted Germicidal and Odour Control)

In the above example, Ozone is dispersed from the Garbage Doctor® Duo via grey PVC pipework along the left-hand wall. Bins are normally stored against this wall, so the pipe has small holes in it to disperse the Ozone in a targeted way above those bins. 

The Ozone is also dispersed via flexible silicone hose into both the recycling and wet-waste rubbish bins beneath the chute.Targeting Ozone at the source of the odours provides a best-practice of neutralising smells before they are sucked up the chute. The output of the Ozone is completely adjustable, to suit each individual site.

Ozone is a powerful deodorising and germicidal control agent, which is proven effective against an enormous range of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, etc). Ozone also physically destroys odours by a processed called oxidation (without masking). Our customers generally notice a difference within about 15 minutes of installation. Click here for more information on Ozone as an application for treating garbage systems.

Scenting the Garbage Chute

The Scent Tank (‘B’) is mounted on the wall and is dispersing a scented vapour via the white pipe into the garbage chute. This scent will travel up through the chute, with a small amount typically escaping around the chute openings on each level. This provides a pleasant and clean feel as residents interact with the buildings rubbish chute. Multiple fragrances are available to choose from, to provide the right fit for your building.

The Garbage Doctor® products are proudly designed and built in Australia.