Garbage Room Odour Control / Deodorising Systems / Scenting

There are several ways to treat odours within a garbage room / compactor room: Ozone, scenting, or a targeted mixture of both are possibilities. When assessing your site, our team will look at factors such as:

  • What is the size of the garbage room being treated?
  • Is there also a garbage chute feeding into the room?
  • The internal layout of the room: are all the wet-waste bins in close proximity, or are they are spread out over multiple areas within the room?
  • Are the bins stored against a wall or low ceiling where deodorant can be easily targeted? Or is a broader approach required?
  • Are there other sources of odours within the room (i.e. grease traps)?
  • Is the bin room only for residential use, or is it shared with retail/restaurants? etc.

For obligation-free advice and pricing on deodorising options for your garbage room, please phone 1300-ODOURS (1300 636 877) or contact our team online.

Featured Solution #1

Neutral smelling garbage room

Germicidal and odour control using Ozone / Germicidal UV-C & Activated Carbon.  Ozone is targeted at your rubbish bins or garbage compactor/carousel to neutralise odours at their originating source.

Featured Solution #2

Scented garbage room

Germicidal and odour control using Scent, Ozone / Germicidal UV-C & Activated Carbon.  Ozone is targeted at your rubbish bins or garbage compactor to neutralise odours at their source. Scenting broadly applied to garbage room or into the garbage chute.

Benefits of the Garbage Doctor®

Made in Australia
  • Our products are designed and built here in Australia, by the same team who have a collective 30+ years of treating garbage odours in the Australian climate.
  • Our service team are all licensed electricians, enabling any repairs to be done immediately on-site.
  • Both lease and purchase options are available for most models.
  • We electrically test & tag your equipment at every service, to ensure you remain compliant with AS/NZ 3760.
  • We are family business and believe in old-fashioned business ethics – by putting our customers and their needs first.

Deodorising Garbage Rooms - Installation Examples

Garbage Doctor® installation and service technicians are available throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Airlie Beach, Tweed, and Auckland (New Zealand).

Other Considerations for your Odour Control

To provide the most effective garbage room odour control and germicidal treatment, there are several factors which must be considered:

  1. Firstly, air purification equipment is needed which will operate 24/7/365 in a garbage room environment – these are typically areas which have a higher levels of dust, moisture, and temperature fluctuations.

  2. Secondly, care must be taken to install the air purification equipment in a manner which will target the Ozone (deodorant and germicidal agent) as close as possible to the source of the garbage odours, which is usually the garbage bins or garbage compactor. The importance of this factor should not be overlooked; although a ‘best practice’ installation may take a little longer to achieve initially, it is well worth the effort!

  3. Thirdly, the Ozone output must be checked to ensure it is operating within the appropriate parameters. If one of the Garbage Doctor® dual air purification models is being used, this will be have the benefit of providing further germicidal and odour control than is possible using a UV/UVC Ozone system alone, while still keeping Ozone levels within the required parameters.

  4. Fourthly, if scenting is also being introduced into the bin room, it should be as separated as possible from the targeted Ozone delivery. Ozone is an extremely effective deodoriser, but it does not know the difference between a good and bad scent, so you do not want them working against each other.

  5. Lastly, the equipment needs to be maintained by replacing consumables as required (such as carbon filters, Ultraviolet lamps, fragrance, etc), and electrically tested and tagged by a qualified person in accordance with your local legislation. The exact electrical testing requirements will differ from state-to-state; however as a guideline, the equipment must be electrically tested every 6 months if you lease the equipment (and is the responsibility of the company whom you are leasing the equipment from), and if you have purchased the equipment then the requirement is every 12 months (and is the responsibility of the purchaser). We include free electrical ‘test and tagging’ with all our equipment services, regardless of whether you are a lease customer or purchase customer.

The Garbage Doctor® products are proudly designed and built in Australia.