Loading Dock Odour Control Systems

Loading dock odours can be a great source frustration for apartments buildings, hotels and shopping centres – especially if grease traps, open rubbish bins or garbage compactors are involved.

Because of their large open nature, the most cost-effective solution is generally to install a multiple-function odour control system such as our Garbage Doctor® Duo

In a loading dock environment, this would typically be configured to disperse Ozone as close as possible to the main odour sources (perhaps bin storage, a garbage compactor or grease trap), and then dispersing a pleasant scented vapour into the broader area.

Other possible solutions include equipment such as our Garbage Doctor® Ozone or Garbage Doctor® Ozone HD, or if scenting only is required our Garbage Doctor® Scenting equipment is a great fit.

All of our products  are designed and built here in Australia, to a robust standard and designed for 24/7/365 operation.

Featured Solution

Targeted deodorisation with scenting

Germicidal and odour control using Scent, Ozone / Germicidal UV-C & Activated Carbon.  Firstly, Ozone is targeted as close as possible to the loading dock odour source, for efficient odour neutralisation. Secondly, a fragrance is dispersed into the broader loading dock area.

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Loading Dock Odour Removal - Installation Examples

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The Garbage Doctor® products are proudly designed and built in Australia.