Customer Testimonials

Many of our customers have kindly offered to be referee’s and provide testimonials for our products and service. If you would like to speak personally and get feedback from customers who have been using our equipment for 10+ years, please contact our team on 1300-ODOURS (1300 636 877) and we would be happy to put you in touch.

q1 We have trialled various forms of deodorising products to sanitise our garbage system. None had been particularly effective in eliminating odour. Since installing Purifying Solutions ozone generators in October 2006, we have been very pleased to find our garbage chute and compactor room issues have been significantly reduced. I have no hesitation in recommending Purifying Solutions and their expertise.

Q1 Resort and Spa (Megan Calliste)

Chevron The three towers of Chevron Renaissance opened in 2004 and after trialling a number of deodorising products in our garbage system, we met with Bruce Taylor, the Managing Director of Purifying Solutions. Bruce demonstrated to us his Garbage Doctor systems which they were using successfully in other tall buildings here in South-East QLD.

The Garbage Doctor machines have now been operating in our three buildings and garbage compactor for more than 8 years. We are extremely pleased with the results and find Bruce and his team extremely prompt, friendly and reliable. I have no hesitation in recommending both the service of Purifying Solutions and the performance of the Garbage Doctor products.

The Towers of Chevron Renaissance (John Mead)

circle_on_cav Circle on Cavil consists of two towers (48 and 68 levels in height) which were built by the Sunland Group and were opened in 2007. At that time we requested Purifying Solutions to install their air purification systems in our two garbage rooms and chutes. We were previously familiar with the Purifying Solutions equipment from its use in the Q1 building, which had recently opened and was also developed by the Sunland Group.

We have now been using the services of Bruce and his team for more than 8 years, and I would like to share my experience and recommendation of both their deodorising equipment and their service. We have always found the Purifying Solutions to be knowledgeable, quick to respond, and very professional in manner. If you have any questions in regards to my experience with Purifying Solutions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Circle on Cavill (George Palac)

osprey_apartments We suffered from garbage odours wafting up the chutes and creating problems in our foyers and apartments. We had previously been using a deodoriser which tended to mask smells and not eliminate them – especially if seafood was involved.

Our trial of the Garbage Doctor proved extremely successful, and the Body Corporate agreed to install the system throughout our Resort. I have been very happy with the success of the Garbage Doctor system, which has resulted in eliminating odours throughout our resort and consequently eliminating customer complaints.

Osprey Apartments (Dave Turner)

southport_central After being appointed Facilities Manager of Southport Central Apartments, I undertook a risk assessment of our garbage systems. It was obvious that the deodorising system being used was not offering any protection against airborne hazards. Another complex within our group (the Three Towers of Chevron Renaissance) had been using Purifying Solutions ozone products for quite some time. Since upgrading to Purifying Solutions Garbage Doctor products we have been extremely happy with the service provided by Bruce and his team.

Southport Central (Steve Ririe)

contessa We have been using Ozone treatment in our garbage room and chute for over 18 months and can highly recommend this method of odour and germ control. The ozone can easily travel the 35 floors inside the chute and it has been a pleasure to walk into the bin room with no odour at all evident. Previously, the building was using a chemical spray/deodorant which concerned us for health reasons.”

Contessa Condominiums (Jan and David Gardner)

admiralty_quays Admiralty Quays is a 32 level residential building in Brisbane City. We have been using the Garbage Doctor since upgrading from the previous deodorant spray system. Prior to installing the Garbage Doctor we would experience rubbish odours from half-way up our chute, in addition our previous spray system didn’t offer any control for germs. We have been very happy with the Garbage Doctor and would recommend the products to other apartment buildings.

Admiralty Quays (Paul Whitaker)

breakfree_neptune We have been using Purifying Solutions products in our garbage system for the past 3 ½ years, prior to this we were using a spray type deodorant system. Before upgrading to Purifying Solutions we would get complaints from rubbish odours in our garbage system. I would definitely recommend Purifying Solutions products and services to other industry members.

Breakfree Neptune (Toni Hinton)

19thAvenueApartments Dear Bruce, it is without hesitation that I would recommend Purifying Solutions Pty Ltd (Australia). In December 2009 we had an unpleasant odour permeating from the refuse room and garbage chute. Bruce personally attended after hours to solve the problem. The service provided is second to none. We are more than satisfied with the prompt and friendly service provided by the Garbage Doctor.

19th Avenue Apartments (Chris & Wendy Ward)

marriner-views Marriner Views is a 24 level high-rise in Surfers Paradise. Prior to using the Garbage Doctor products our Body Corporate had purchased a corona discharge ozone generator from another company. That product did not prove to be particularly reliable or effective, so the Body Corporate voted to upgrade to the Garbage Doctor products about 10 months ago. Since upgrading we have had no issues and found the service from Purifying Solutions to be both prompt and friendly.

Marriner Views (Lucas Foster)

capricorne-one We upgraded to the Garbage Doctor products after being unhappy with the performance of our previous deodorising spray system, which was attempting to mask odours instead of removing them. Our building is 24 levels and since Purifying Solutions installed their Garbage Doctor system we have had no odour problems in our rubbish chute.

Capricorn One (Steve Williams)

broadbeach_pacific_175 Approximately 3 years ago we upgraded from a disinfectant system in our building, this system was only masking the odours in our rubbish chutes. We changed over to Purifying Solutions and are extremely happy that we did.

Pacific Resort (Liz Low)

Featured Solution #1

Neutral smelling garbage chute and garbage room

Odour and germicidal control using ozone into your garbage room (targeted at your rubbish bins or garbage compactor) to neutralise odours at their source, and ozone dispersed into your garbage chute.

Featured Solution #2

Scented garbage chute and neutral garbage room

Odour and germicidal control using ozone into your garbage room (targeted at your bins or compactor) to neutralise odours at their source, and a pleasant scent dispersed into your garbage chute.

The Garbage Doctor® products are proudly designed and built in Australia.