Types of Ozone Generators

For Garbage Odour Control Applications

There are two common types of commercial Ozone generators; those which create Ozone using Corona Discharge technology, and those which create Ozone using a special band of Ultraviolet light.

Neither type of Ozone generator is inherently ‘better’ than the other, however they do have strengths in different areas, and is important to be aware of the best type of Ozone generator for your application.

The quick answer, is that for garbage odour control applications, we only recommend using ultraviolet ozone generators, such as our Si-Zone® technology. For the more detailed version, read below. For more information on Ozone itself, please click here.

Corona Discharge Ozone Generators

Corona Discharge Ozone generators create Ozone by using an ‘electrical spark’, which simulates the way which nature creates Ozone during a lightning storm. The benefit of this method, is that the physical size of the air purifier can be relatively smaller than an ultraviolet Ozone generator, and it is able to produce a higher concentration of Ozone using the same amount of air. This makes Corona Discharge ozone generators especially suited for water treatment applications, such as swimming pools or drinking water sterilisation.

The downside of the Corona Discharge method, is that in addition to ozone, it also creates a by-product called Nitrogen Oxide. When this Nitrogen Oxide comes into contact with water (for example humidity, or a wet surface), it can create a corrosive liquid called Nitric Acid. Nitric Acid is very corrosive to steel (and your skin), and for this reason we do not recommend using these ozone generators in garbage chutes or garbage compactors (Please be warned: we have seen many examples of chutes which suffered corrosion as a result of this!).

These by-products can be reduced by using an oxygen-generator as the input source for the ozone generator, however this is very expensive and high maintenance, especially when compared to using an Ultraviolet ozone generator – which eliminates this corrosion problem.

Ultraviolet Ozone Generators

Ultraviolet Ozone generators use a special kind of ultraviolet lamp that emits light at a specific frequency (185nm) that will split a small amount of the Oxygen molecules (O2) in Ozone molecules (O3). The amount of Ozone created by the generator will depend on the intensity of the UV lamps (wattage), as well as some other internal factors within the Ozone generator.

The major benefit of using Ultraviolet ozone generators for treatment of garbage odours, is that they do not create any Nitrogen by-products, and therefore are not prone to the corrosion issues which have plagued Corona Discharge systems. Ultraviolet Ozone generators also have a relatively stable output, whereas the output of most Corona Discharge ozone generators will fluctuate relative to the amount of humidity that is in the air at any given time.

Benefits of the Si-Zone® Ultraviolet Ozone Generators

  • Proven technology, with long term use in hundreds of buildings throughout Australia & New Zealand.

  • Built for 24/7 use in environments which are typically high in airborne contaminants, dust and moisture.

  • High Ozone output, but which is adjustable to very small levels of accuracy. This allows highly customised installations and therefore the best results for our customers.

  • Free from Nitrogen Oxide (which causes the corrosive Nitric Acid).

  • High fan pressure models available, for Ozone distribution through long pipework (enables targeting over greater distances).

  • Engineered and built to AS/NZ standards.

Featured Solution #1

Neutral smelling garbage chute and garbage room

Odour and germicidal control using ozone into your garbage room (targeted at your rubbish bins or garbage compactor) to neutralise odours at their source, and ozone dispersed into your garbage chute.

Featured Solution #2

Scented garbage chute and neutral garbage room

Odour and germicidal control using ozone into your garbage room (targeted at your bins or compactor) to neutralise odours at their source, and a pleasant scent dispersed into your garbage chute.

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