Garbage Doctor® Platinum

Deodoriser for Garbage Rooms and Chutes

The Garbage Doctor® Platinum is the original ultraviolet system for treating garbage rooms and garbage chutes in small-medium sized apartment buildings. It is part of our ‘dual air purification’ product range, and integrates two separated deodorisers within a single piece of equipment.

The first deodoriser is an ultraviolet Ozone generator, which is generally configured to disperse Ozone into the garbage chute, and garbage bins or compactor/carousel. 

The second deodoriser uses a germicidal UV-C light-wave which is deadly to forms of life at the micro-organic level (bacteria, viruses etc). Additionally, Photo Catalytic Oxidation is also used, which provides powerful treatment for odours and pathogens as the air as it passes through the sanitiser.

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Installation Example - How Does it Work?

The Garbage Doctor® Platinum (‘A’) is made from stainless steel and is mounted on the wall at the base of the garbage chute. This equipment is a dual air purification/deodorising system. The bottom part of the cabinet includes an Ultraviolet Ozone generator with filtration. The upper part contains a separate sanitation chamber utilising Germicidal UV-C light and Photo-Catalytic Oxidation (PCO).

Air Purifier 1: Targeted Deodorisation and Germicidal Control

In the above example, Ozone is dispersed from the cabinet via a silicone tube, this tube has multiple ‘T’s” in it which then disperse the Ozone above the rubbish bins on the Elephants Foot carousel/compactor in two places, and into the garbage chute. Targeting Ozone close to the source of the odours and pathogens (in this case, the bins in the compactor/carousel unit) provides a best-practice of deodorisation and germicidal control, before the air is sucked up the garbage chute. The amount of Ozone being produced by the equipment is completely adjustable, and is tailored to each individual site.

Ozone is a powerful deodorising and germicidal control agent, which has been proven effective against an enormous range of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, etc). Ozone also physically destroys odours by a process called oxidation (without masking). Our customers generally notice a difference within about 15 minutes of installation. Click here for more information on Ozone as an application for treating garbage systems.

Air Purifier 2: Germicidal UV-C and Photo Catalytic Oxidation

The upper portion of the Garbage Doctor® Platinum contains a separate internal air purifier to the Ozone system. Air within the bin room is circulated through the chamber and exposed to a powerful Germicidal UV-C light. This light-wave is deadly to forms of life at the micro-organic level (i.e. bacteria, viruses etc). The ultraviolet light also activates an internal coating within the purifier, that initiates a process called Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO). PCO creates a powerful internal oxidising agent which further helps to treat harmful microorganisms in the air, as well as controlling odours.

Because there are limits to the amount of Ozone which can typically be used in occupied garbage rooms, this dual air purification configuration provides additional treatment than what is possible using Ozone (or a combination Ozone/Germicidal-UVC) system alone.

Garbage Doctor® Platinum - Other Installation Examples

Installation configurations will vary from site-to-site. The Garbage Doctor® equipment is well suited and has been installed to deodorise a large range of chutes, loading docks, grease traps and waste management systems, including: rubbish bins, carousel and compactors, from manufacturers such as: Elephants Foot, WasteTech, JJ Richards, Wanless, James Hardie, JD MacDonald etc. 

The Garbage Doctor® Platinum is available to purchase outright or on a fully inclusive rental throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Airlie Beach & Tweed.

Garbage Doctor® Platinum - Specifications

Number of Internal Air Purifiers2
Number of Air Purification Technologies3 + Filter
Rated Operation Time24 Hours continuous
UV Ozone Generator
(With adjustable control)
Yes (Si-Zone®)
Germicidal UV Steriliser
(A separate UV steriliser that doesn’t use Ozone)
(2nd Air purifier, without Ozone)
Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO)Yes
(2nd Air purifier)
Nitric Acid Free?
(Nitric acid is corrosive to steel garbage chutes)
Pre Filtration MethodActivated Carbon or 0.5 Micron Particle Filter
Airflow MethodHigh Pressure System
(13mm Food grade silicone)
Construction Material304 Grade Stainless Steel
Dimensions (mm)800 (H) x 400 (W) x 160 (D)
Power Consumption100W-150W
Operating Voltage230V 50HZ
Warranty Period
(All our equipment includes an on-site warranty)
24 Months when purchased
Indefinite period when leased
Ozone Monitoring SystemOptional
Programmable TimerOptional
Remote Entry AccessOptional
ApplicationsGarbage Odour Control (Garbage Rooms, Garbage Chutes, Garbage Compactors), Grease Trap Odour Control, Loading Dock Odour Control, other Commercial Odour Control Requiring Robust Equipment for 24/7 Operation.