Garbage Doctor® – Photo Gallery

Since 2006, the Garbage Doctor® equipment has been providing 24/7/365 germicidal and odour control in many hundreds of garbage rooms, garbage chutes, garbage compactors, loading docks, grease traps, and for many other commercial odour control applications

Below are some photos of the different applications we can assist with. If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team on 1300-ODOURS (1300 636 877) or contact us online.

Garbage Doctor® Duo (Installation Examples​)

The Garbage Doctor® Duo is unique in the industry, in that from a single piece of hardware (designed and built here in Australia), it disperses both Ozone and a scented vapour. In a typical installation, the Ozone is piped as close as possible to the odour source (such as the bins or compactor) to provide odour neutralisation, while the scent is dispersed into the garbage chute. The end result is a neutral smelling bin room and a pleasantly fragranced garbage chute and chute openings on each level of the building.

Garbage Doctor® Scent Add-On (Installation Examples​)

The Garbage Doctor® Scenting system is an add-on for customers who have either a Garbage Doctor® ozone-based system already, or they require scenting in a different physical location to the originating odour source. These installation examples show the scenting add-on installed alongside other Garbage Doctor® models. 

Garbage Doctor® Ozone (Installation Examples​)

The Garbage Doctor® Ozone is our latest model in the Garbage Doctor® range of Ozone-based systems. With more than a decade of R&D integrated in the design, the Garbage Doctor® Ozone offers high output (completely adjustable) and incredible reliability, for ongoing performance year-after-year and a product lifespan measured in decades – even with continuous 24/7/365 operation.

Garbage Doctor® 5000 (Installation Examples​)

The Garbage Doctor® 5000 is a high performance dual air purification system. It excels where additional germicidal control is required. The first air purifier is an Ozone system with high-pressure fan, to enable Ozone to be dispersed over long runs of conduit. The second air purifier, is completely separated internally from the Ozone, and provides additional treatment using carbon filtration, germicidal UV-C light and Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO).

Garbage Doctor® 4000 (Installation Examples​)

The Garbage Doctor® 4000 is the smaller brother of the 5000 model. This model is also a dual-air purification system, with additional focus on the germicidal aspects by integrating a germicidal UV-C and PCO chamber, completely separate from the Ozone. This equipment is best suited where a focus on germicidal control is required in smaller-medium sized buildings.

Garbage Doctor® 3000 (Installation Examples​)

The Garbage Doctor® 3000 is the predecessor to our new Garbage Doctor® Ozone system. It is exceptionally reliable, and the go-to product for hundreds of buildings that required a proven solution for odour and germicidal control in small and medium sized garbage rooms and chutes. Like all of our Ozone-based equipment, the Garbage Doctor® 3000 is constructed from stainless steel inside and out, with a projected lifespan of many decades.

Garbage Doctor® Platinum (Installation Examples​)​

The Garbage Doctor® Platinum is the predecessor to the Garbage Doctor® 4000 system. The Platinum model was an industry-first when it was released, breaking the trend of Ozone systems in garbage chutes which used Corona Discharge technology. The Garbage Doctor® Platinum first introduced Ultraviolet Ozone technology to the Australian waste management market in an innovate way, which has shaped the industry today. This was also the first ever dual-air purification equipment specifically for garbage chutes and bin rooms, which combined: Ozone, Germicidal UV-C, Carbon Filtration and Photo-Catalytic Oxidation into a single system.

The Garbage Doctor® equipment is well suited and has been installed in a wide range of waste management solutions from manufacturers such as: Elephants Foot, WasteTech, JJ Richards, Wanless, James Hardie, JD MacDonald etc. 

Garbage Doctor® installation and service technicians are available throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Airlie Beach, Tweed, and Auckland (New Zealand).

The Garbage Doctor® products are proudly designed and built in Australia.