What is Photo Catalytic Oxidation?

Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) is a process which was developed by NASA in the 1990’s, and is now used in a variety of applications around the world, including; the international space station, in hospitals, by governments and in many household air purifiers.

One of the reasons for it’s success, is the safety to humans and the broad range of applications in which it can be used. For example; this technology is being used to create interior paint which turns the walls of your home into antibacterial and air purifying surfaces!… Or on parkways and the exterior of buildings, to prevent mould and mildew growth… Or on the windows of high-rise buildings to make them ‘self-cleaning’. The future of this technology is truly exciting.

How does Photo Catalytic Oxidation Remove Odours and Germs?

Photo Catalytic Oxidation in the Garbage Doctor®

Used within our Garbage Doctor® Si-Zone 4000,  Garbage Doctor® Si-Zone 5000 and Garbage Doctor® Platinum equipment, the PCO process is utilised inside the second air purifier at the top of the equipment. This is what we call our ‘Dual Air Purification System’ – as these models have two air purifiers; one which creates Ozone using our Si-Zone® technology, and the second which contains a powerful Germicidal UV-C light, together with specially designed plates that are coated in a nano grade of Titanium Dioxide.

When the germicidal light is turned on, it activates the Titanium Dioxide (catalyst) which causes a powerful oxidising agent to be formed from the humidity in the ambient air… And hence the name: Photo (Ultraviolet Light) Catalytic (Catalyst, such as Titanium Dioxide) Oxidation (odour and germs oxidised from the catalyst reaction).

The oxidising agent only has a lifespan of a fraction of a second, meaning the air being treated must come very very close to the surface containing the PCO formulation. The end result, is that dirty air from within your bin room will pass through this second air purifier, where it is treated by the Germicidal UV-C sterilisation process while simultaneously being treated by the PCO process. The clean air is then dispersed out of the air purifier, and back into the garbage room.

The Garbage Doctor® products are proudly designed and built in Australia.