Garbage Chute Odour Control (and Scenting)

A foul smelling garbage chute not only creates a negative impression amongst residents and guests, they can also be indicative of poor hygiene practices. Because the garbage chute access points generally form part of a buildings common area, the owners corporation or bodies corporate have a duty of care to address hygiene in these areas.

For garbage chute applications, we have two great options available, depending on whether you have a preference for a neutral or scenting smelling chute:

Featured Solution #1

Neutral smelling garbage chute and garbage room

Odour and germicidal control using ozone into your garbage room (targeted at your rubbish bins or garbage compactor) to neutralise odours at their source, and ozone dispersed into your garbage chute.

Featured Solution #2

Scented garbage chute and neutral garbage room

Odour and germicidal control using ozone into your garbage room (targeted at your bins or compactor) to neutralise odours at their source, and a pleasant scent dispersed into your garbage chute.

'Scented' Versus 'Non-Scented' Options

Generally speaking, customers love the scented garbage chute options. With several popular fragrances to choose from, we are frequently getting enthusiastic feedback from both management and residents. The neutral smelling options also deliver fantastic results, but if a buildings budget allows there is no question that scenting is generally the solution of choice.

However, there is a caveat here – scenting mixed with garbage odour is not pleasant! For this reason, odours within the bin room must be neutralised first, to prevent them entering the chute and mixing with the fragrance. This can be achieved with our Garbage Doctor® Duo product – which combines all the benefits with Ozone/Germicidal UV-C and carbon filtration, with scenting. If you already have an existing Ozone product installed, our Garbage Doctor® Scenting equipment is designed to easily add scenting to your garbage chute.

Neutral Smelling Garbage Chute - Benefits

Using a product such as our Garbage Doctor® Ozone will dramatically improve or eliminate garbage odours within the bin room and chute, usually within about 15 minutes of installation. Because Ozone is also a germicidal agent, it can improve hygiene and assist the strata with their duty of care within the buildings common areas (refuse system). The Garbage Doctor® Ozone is very widely used, being an economical, robust, and reliable solution.

Scented Garbage Chute - Benefits

When scenting a garbage chute, we typically still use Ozone within the garbage room, to provide targeted odour and germicidal control at the source of the odours – which is generally within the bins or garbage compactor. This is important as it continues to provide germicidal control, while still offering the benefits of scent.

Because the chute access doors on each level of an apartment building won’t seal 100%, it means a small amount of the fragrance will escape at the openings – leaving a pleasant smell as residents approach the chute and dispose of their rubbish. There are a number of popular scents to choose from, enabling you to find the right fit for your building.

If you want to experience scenting and currently have no odour control on your chute, we recommend our Garbage Doctor® Duo equipment, which combines Ozone/Germicidal UVC/Carbon Filtration and Scenting. If you already have odour control (such as an existing Ozone system), and which to add scenting, we recommend our Garbage Doctor® Scenting solution.

How Odours and Germs are Spread Through the Garbage Chute

Because garbage chutes have a natural up-draft (as a result of hot air rising or due to a fan being installed at the top of the chute), the odours and germs within your chute will typically originate within the garbage bins/compactor, or within the bin room itself – especially if you have multiple bins stored within the same room as the chute access. The natural up-draft then takes these odours (and airborne pathogens) through the chute, where they escape into the building when residents dispose of their rubbish through the chute doors on each level of the building.

Our deodorising systems are designed to be installed at the base of the garbage chute, in the bin room. Once the equipment has been mounted on the wall, we then use either a silicone or PVC hose to disperse the Ozone as close as possible to the origin of the garbage odours. In most cases this will be the garbage bins below the chute, or the garbage compactor (depending on your buildings configuration). We also run a pipe to disperse either Ozone or a Scented vapour into the garbage chute itself (which will then travel up through the chute).

Garbage Chute Installation Examples (High Rise and Apartment Buildings)

The Garbage Doctor® equipment is well suited and has been installed by hundreds of body corporates and strata committees in a wide range of garbage chutes from manufacturers such as: Elephants Foot, WasteTech, JJ Richards, James Hardie, JD MacDonald etc. 

Garbage Doctor® installation and service technicians are available throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Airlie Beach, Tweed, and Auckland (New Zealand).

Does the Garbage Doctor® Replace Chute Cleaning?

No, cleaning your garbage chute forms an important part of your waste management plan. However, even the cleanest chute is not going provide any relief from odours which originate in the bins and/or compactor! These odours get sucked up the chute as a result of the fan at the top of the chute (or a natural up-draft due to ‘hot air rising’). That is where the Garbage Doctor® systems come in – operating 24/7/365 to provide germicidal and odour control at the source of odour in the bin room, while simultaneously providing additional relief into the chute.

The Garbage Doctor® products are proudly designed and built in Australia.