Air Purifier for Commercial Garbage Bin Rooms

The Garbage Doctor® Nano is our solution for treating garbage odours in small commercial bin rooms. These systems use three air purification technologies (Ozone, Germicidal UVC and Photo Catalytic Oxidation), however these technologies are used in a single air purifier configuration (as opposed to our larger dual air purification systems), and have a relatively low deodorising output when compared to our other Garbage Doctor® products.

The Garbage Doctor® Nano is typically mounted on the wall or ceiling above the garbage bins, where it circulates air 24/7/365. As air passes through the air purifier, that air is treated by the internal germicidal and deodorisation processes, while a variable amount of Ozone is also dispersed into the room, which provides further garbage odour control.

Update (May 2020): For most commercial bin rooms we recommend our new and updated Garbage Doctor® Ozone model or the Garbage Doctor® Duo, if scenting is also required.

Air Purifier for Garbage Rooms

Garbage Doctor® Nano Specifications

Number of Internal Air Purifiers1
Number of Air Purification Technologies2-3
(Depending on your requirements)
Rated Operation Time24 Hours continuous
UV Ozone Generator Yes

Germicidal UV SteriliserYes
(Combined with UV generator)
Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO)Yes
Nitric Acid Free?
(Nitric acid is corrosive to steel garbage chutes)
Pre Filtration MethodNo pre-filter
Airflow MethodCirculation fan
Weight2.5 – 3.5KG
Dimensions (mm)Varies depending on which sub-model is used.
Power Consumption25W – 55W
(Depending on what sub-model is used)
Operating Voltage230V 50HZ
Ozone Monitoring SystemNo
Programmable TimerNo
Remote Entry AccessNo